Stacey Leggett

Family and County Certified Mediator

100 Parnell Street, Suite B
Merritt Island, FL 32953

(321) 459-2260

Scope of Business:

I have owned and operated a non-lawyer document preparation business since 1991. During that period of time I have acquired vast experience in all types of family law and county court cases. This has included, but was not limited to divorce, paternity, modifications, contempt, adoption, child support, child custody, landlord-tenant, probate and estate disputes. I have mediated over a hundred cases and thoroughly enjoy helping individuals in conflict reach a resolution. The feeling of satisfaction that one gets upon completion is overwhelming. The whole technique of mediation is to enable the parties to create their own resolution, rather than have the Judge decide for them. This can be accomplished by listening effectively and motivating the parties to reach an agreement by understanding that it may require them to change their feelings and realize what is best for everyone concerned. This requires skill, patience and empathy for human beings. I am certified in both Family and County Mediation by the Florida Supreme Court. Please allow me to help you in your conflict resolution by contacting me at the telephone number above.

Professional Background:

My business now known as Professional Paperworks, Inc., previously a family owned business, began in June of 1991. The business was established to prepare the vast number of forms required for family law, evictions, small claims and much more. After the client completes a questionnaire, and the forms are prepared, I provide procedural instructions so they may represent themself as pro-se litigants in court.

Overall Experience:

I have over 34 years of experience in preparing documents. After receiving my Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Central Florida in 1988, I worked for attorneys Roy Praver and Richard Manzo in Titusville, Florida from 1989-1990. Then I worked for the Department of children and Family Services from 1990-1991. After that I worked for a non-lawyer document preparation service owned by Alice Valliere. In June of 1991, I began the family owned business described above and acquired a tremendous amount of knowledge both in business management and all types of family law, small claims, evictions, landlord-tenant, simple probates and much more. I served on the Unlicensed Practice of Law Committee for over seven years during this time. I have performed volunteer mediation at various county courthouses since February of 2014.


Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Central Florida (Orlando, FL) in 1988.

Associate of Arts Degree from Brevard Community College (Cocoa, FL) in 1985.

State of Florida Real Estate Sales License in 1986.


Meritorious Public Service Award Eighteenth Circuit Unlicensed Practice License Committee A from the Florida Bar in 1999.


2013 - County Mediation: Trainers - Eric Dunlap and Dan Ford - 20 hours

2015 - Family Mediation: Trainers – Arve Wikstrom and Barbara Peterson - 40 hours


$300.00 per hour.

Areas of Practice:

All types of family cases, including divorce, paternity, child custody, child support/custody, adoption, modifications, and contempt.

All County cases, including evictions, landlord-tenant, small claims, simple probate and estate disputes.